Below we present table of available woods for various parts of guitars. We usually keep them in stock or are able to order them from our suppliers in short time. Sometimes we also find other interesting woods and offer them in limited quantities - these are advertised on our Facebook page.

If you would like particular wood that's not listed below, please contact us and we will do the best we can to find it for you.

Body Top Neck Neck stripes Fretboard
Alder X
Amazaque X X
Ash – Flamed X
Basswood X
Black Limba X
Bodo X
Dark Maple X X X
Black Ebony X X
European Ash X X
Macassar Ebony X
Mahogany X X
Maple X X X X
Maple – Birdseye X X X
Maple – Flamed X X X X
Maple – Quilted X
Maple – Spalted X
Pau Ferro X X X
Burl Poplar X
Purpleheart X X X X
Swamp Ash X
Walnut X X
Walnut-Spalted X
Wenge X X X X
Zebrawood X X
Ziricote X X

*From 2017 all guitars containing Bubinga and Rosewood require CITES certificates when shipped outside European Union. All non-EU orders containing these woods will be charged with 30€ fee to cover paperwork.