• Original BlacKat compound asymmetrical neck profile

    6 string 7 string 8 string
    at nut 44 mm 49 mm 56 mm
    at 24th fret 56 mm 68 mm 78 mm
    at 1st fret 18.5 mm 18.5 mm 18.5 mm
    at 12th fret 20.5 mm 20.5 mm 20.5 mm
    Compound radius
    At nut 12.5" 14.5" 14.5"
    At 24th fret 16" 20" 20"

     Upon special request we can make up to 2 mm thicker neck.

  • 5 piece neck with volute and no scarf joint, 5 bolt tight neck to body joint

  • Two way truss rod

  • Choice of 2 headstocks with cap matching top wood and finish or exotic wood cap (default is Pau Ferro)

  • Headless neck with Hipshot Low Profile Headpiece

  • Exotic wood truss rod cover

  • Tall and wide, perfectly levelled and mirror-polished stainless steel frets. Hidden fret tangs on fretboard side.

  • Choice of inlay patterns including custom inlays. Our inlays are resin based. we do not use products of animal origin. Default colors are white, graphite and black, other colors available on request, including multicolored and luminescent (glow in the dark).

  • Luminlay fretboard side dots (glow in the dark)

  • Various woods avaliable for necks and fretboards

  • Binding options for headstock and fretboard