Feral Run Order Form


After successful first edition of Feral Run we are bringing it back, now with more options and features.

With Feral line we wanted to create guitars that have simple specs but offer all key features and quality of our full Custom Shop models. By limiting choice of options and designing Feral line to be made in batches of similar builds we were able to bring prices down significantly compared to our full Custom Shop orders. We must stress that these are not import models, they are built by same people in same workshop as our regular custom shop builds. We are not cutting corners, you can expect the same quality of woods, parts and craftsmanship with attention to tiny details. With new edition of Feral run we are bringing new wood options – Black Limba bodies, Wenge/Bubinga necks and Dark Ziricote fretboards. The palette of colors has been expanded and natural finishes are also possible this time. Unlike in first edition we are strictly limiting Feral run builds to what is in the order form.

Unlike our previous run we are accepting returning customer discount on Feral run 2020. If you already have ordered a guitar directly from us and would like to take part in Feral Run 2020, please get in touch with us to get your returning customer discount code.

The two run batches are limited to 8 spots each. While it’s hard to exactly predict how long building will take due to Covid19 situation around the world, we expect to be shipping out first batch in February 2021 and second in March 2021.







Jumbo stainless steel frets included in price

Included hardware:

  • Hipshot Griplock open gear tuners
  • Hipshot O-Ring knobs
  • Graphtech Black TUSQ nut
  • Schaller S-Locks



Strings & tuning