Terms and conditions

General information

The owner of Blackat Guitars website and company is
Blackat Guitars Tomasz Slawinski
Konwisarska 21
04-402 Warszawa

EU VAT: 952 196 01 50


Orders should be sent to with our order form. We always review ordered specsheet and get back with estimated production time, confirmed total cost and payment details. All orders are binding from moment 40% deposit is paid. Estimated delivery always starts from moment we receive deposit. No changes in order specification are allowed after deposit is paid.


All prices are in Euro. Default payment method is wire transfer to Euro bank account in Poland. For convenience of our customers we also provide option to pay in Polish Zloty, British Pound Sterling and US Dollars upon previous arrangement. Paypal payments are possible but should be made in Polish zloty. We use Google to calculate prices in other currencies than Euro.


We try to provide updates from production process on dedicated Facebook group when there are some major steps completed. Please notice that we usually have over 30 guitars in production simultaneously which means that 1. we can't focus on your guitar every day and there are sometimes weeks when there is no progress, 2. editing pictures of updates is time consuming and if there is too much work in given period we might not send out updates - focusing completely on manufacturing.


All orders are shipped by UPS - Standard, Express Saver or Expedited, depending on location. We do not mark shipments as gift and always declare full value and insure for full value.

Production Time

General production time varies from 7 to 12 months depending on many factors like production queue, complexity of order or some unpredictable problems we might have at given time. If we fail to deliver guitar 60 days after estimated delivery term it is possible to cancel and receive full refund.


It is possible to cancel order but we reserve the right to keep part or even whole deposit (minimum 25% of deposit) to cover incurred costs. This does not apply to orders delayed 60 days after estimated delivery date.


All new Blackat Guitars are covered with 24 month Limited Warranty for defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during Warranty Period.

Warranty Period starts when goods are delivered to customer and lasts 730 days.

This Warranty does not cover issues caused by normal wear of parts including frets, tremolo bridge knifes and springs or strings. It also does not cover damage caused by mishandling, negligence and unauthorized modifications.

In case of problems please contact us.

Return of goods purchased online - EU regulations

In the EU all customers have the right to return products bought online within 14 days for a full refund without stating the reason. This regulation applies to guitars bought from stock, however it is not applicable to customized or made to order guitars.

To cancel your purchase please inform us about your decision within 14 days from purchase. From that moment you have 14 days to ship the item back to us. The refund includes shipping charges you paid when purchase was made. We do not refund cost of shipping the item back to us. Returned guitar and case must be in perfect condition otherwise we will charge fee depending on cost required to bring item to new condition.